Financial Architect

An Expert in Savings, Insurance and Investment,
who is Loyal to no company,
but only to You, the Client,

and Guarantees That You Get The Best of Everything, Headache-Free.




We can get you any deal. Might as well be the Best.
That’s our Promise.

7.05% Guaranteed Interest for as long as you need!
a Moderate Savings plan
500% Cash Bonus on Your 1st Month
a High-Profit Savings Plan with Mutual Funds Exposure

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Region-Wide Disappointment in Savings, Investment & Insurance Plans

Are You Sure You’re Not Getting Questionable Advice?

While most of the below might be very good at what they do, some pretend to be something that they are not.
A life insurance agent is not a financial advisor.
An insurance broker is not necessarily eligible for healthy advice, and could be a simple intermediary.
A banker or a bank manager is not an investment expert.
And a lawyer is not eligible to technically judge your insurance or investment products.
A Financial Architect can simply cater for all the above. Perfectly.
Save time on shopping for offers. You have an 85% chance of making the wrong choice by yourself.
Channel all your Insurance, Saving, and Investment Products through one Advisory company. Diversify through one smart advisor, and one Hub. Headache-Free.
Imagine if it was all designed by one advisor. So that it all comes together to give you the outmost safety, and the highest profitability possible.

There is a 90% Chance that You Can Get Better
Than What You Have Right Now

Got the Best Insurance?

We take all the polices you own and review them.
We will only suggest an alternative if:

  •    We can get you better benefits
  • We can get you a better price

    With the same level of insurer
  • Without Compromising on Quality of Service

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Do you Know what you Don't Know?

You Don’t Know what you Don’t Know
Our simple matrix puts your financial life in such an amazing perspective, accurately showing you:

  •  How you should spend
  •  How you should insure
  •  How you should save
  •  And How you should invest

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Got a Great Saving Plan?

There is a 90% Chance that any saving plan you own, even with the biggest names in Life insurance and Savings, could be investing your money in fake funds.

  •  Send us a copy of your plan
  •  We will assess its Cost Structure
  •     Check its Investment Allocations
  •     Study its Profit History, and its potential
  • Then only if we can do better, we will meet with you and show you how.

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“There’s a Feeling that you get when you hire someone from Atlantis Financials.
The kind that you thought impossible in a world of twisted sales.
It’s like Automating your Insurances & Financials!”

Sami N.