Bikers Corner

Insurance & Financial Security Customized for the life of a Biker

Bikers Productivity Insurance

We’ve developed plans for bikers that insure them against being out of work due to accident, whether temporarily or permanently. With Cash Sums or Salary Replacement.
We also cover Cash on Diagnosis of Cancer and Critical illnesses.

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Health Insurance for Bikers

Most health insurance companies consider riding a bike a non-standard risk, and exclude it from their plans.
We offer the best Health Insurance plans in the region, especially in Lebanon. And we cover Riding Accidents with Unlimited funds.

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Harley-Davidson® Insurance

Exclusive to Harley-Davidson® Lebanon, this is the only plan that was created from scratch for Harleys and bikers.
Features and benefits are like you’ve never seen.

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Ride with Atlantis Financials

We Know You.

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