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From a team of passionate designers working side-by-side with our partners to deliver amazing plans and ideas.

Saving Plans

We’ve got it all. All the ones you’ve heard of, and the ones you haven’t.

– Guaranteed Interest with a Bank-Affiliated company.
– Market-Exposed Real Funds where you can take a bit more risk.

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The way we do this is not likely the way you’ve seen it before.

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Small Investments

Ideas for small-budget investments. So that you can start creating some passive income.
All well studied and most already tested.

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Smart Estate

Real-Estate choices in Lebanon or the region, that were studied to have much higher potential than the average real-estate market.
Like buying a hotel apartment.

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Trading currencies and commodities is very simple.
We start you up with our 4 easy lessons for casual trading.
Or if you have the experience, you can switch to very reasonable commissions, and a coach watching you trade. An analysis of your trading strategy every period…

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Stock Portfolio & Asset Management

Want to take a dip into the market? You can create a portfolio and go long, or trade actively through us. Supported by our advice.

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Estate & Inheritance Planning

If you own real estate, and don’t have a plan for it. Then you’re running a big risk.
We can assist you in
– creating a Financial Bridge to your heirs
– setting up a trust, to save a lot on taxes now, and manage the transfer of your assets, depending on the situation at the time they’ll be transferred.

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Short-Term Safe & Profitable Investments

If you have money in the bank at low interest, we offer 5-year plans where we help you guarantee your capital, while grabbing some amazing market opportunities.

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Harley-Davidson® Insurance

Exclusive to Harley-Davidson® Lebanon, this is the only plan that was created from scratch for Harleys and bikers.
Features and benefits are like you’ve never seen.

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